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    Default Ryukin question and Jelly

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    Hi again members,

    I was wondering if you could tell me if my Pidge is actually a Ryukin? He was adopted as a Fantail (being about 2cm big, if that) and now he is growing at a good pace and seems to be resembling a Ryukin, at least from photos I've seen anyway, what do you think please? Here is a link to a video of him, he is the white one.

    He is in with Oo and Ee, 2 bubble eyes, and advice is not to put them together cause Ryukins are aggressive but Oo and Ee easily hold their own with Pidge so does anybody else have bubble eyes with Ryukins successfully?

    Also, Jelly, my teeny Ranchu is in the video so wanted to ask if his eyes were very large in your opinion suggesting he is a stunted fish? He is the calico ranchu. He has always had good tank size at least when he's been with me. His increase in food doesn't seem to be affecting his growth although he does seen to have some wen growth now.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I am unable to watch your video from my work computer, but I wonder why you think the fish might be stunted? Fish are stunted if they are in a tank that is too small for them to grow their full size - goldfish grow to a minimum of 6 inches.

    What is a "good tank size" in your opinion for these goldfish?

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    It was further to a past discussion about Jelly and his size being so small. He has been housed in large tanks since coming to live with me...he is 2 years old (approx.) and still tiny.

    I am always getting quizzed on tank size, I don't know huge amounts about Goldfish but I am aware they need a large tank and that's what they have. Jelly is in a nearly 300 lire tank.

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    don't have answers to your questions I'm afraid but I did want to compliment you on your tank. Looks very spacious and clean.
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    Thanks Brhino! They seem to be very happy in their tank, I only use a few stones and some Java Moss is growing happily in there too. I have lots of filtration, a canister, a hob and 4 internals with matrix and sponges (current is okay though), I wanna make sure to keep their ammonia at 0, actually they are due for a water change tomorrow as their nitrates are edging up toward 10, I am sure they will appreciate it but it will be murky for a half a day as I use water direct from the local river and it is a bit coloured. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it so much!

  6. Default

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    I have A ryunkin with a telescopic, ranchu and a pearlscale. Never had any problems with her getting along with the gang. In fact the telescopic and ryunkin are always with each other...hanging out.

    I got my ranchu from rain garden several weeks ago and she is huge...about 5 inches long. I would say your ranchu is tiny. From reading around, it appears that goldfish can be stunted from the beginning due to poor breeding quarters and then overstocked pet store tanks. But it's mostly assumptions since genetics play into it. Maybe you ranchu has genes for smaller growth?

    Your ranchu is sweet with beautiful colorings. And your tank is sweet too... your fish have a good life

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    Thanks a bunch Funfin! That is so great that your gang get along so well, makes me feel better for when Pidge grows into his full size, I suspect he's gonna be a monster fish!! hehehe...but I guess if there is issues then I will pop Oo and Ee into their own tank, I just hope they can always live together. Actually Oo and Ee, the bubble eye twins are kinda pushy so I reckon things will be okay, fingers crossed anyhow.

    Jelly was in a VERY small tank in Petstock, maybe, 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, something tiny like that, with loads and loads of other small fishes so I guess that may have contributed but like you said, maybe it's genetic, I worry that he may have health problems though. I hope he's just a small fish and not stunted.

    I saw some Pearlscales in the fancy fish store some time ago, they were kinda jolly and reminded me of boiled lollies in their wrapper!! lol

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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    The white goldie does look ryukin like certainly

    Lovely clean tank, well done!
    Lots of tanks
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  9. Default

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    It sounds like you have your bases covered...just in case things get rough.

    What filtration do you use on your tank? I really like how it's bare but has a section with gravel - great idea.

  10. Default

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    Thanks s much Alasse! That's just what I was thinking, that he was Ryukin like. He was actually the only tiny, tiny white one in a bunch of coloured fantails who were a bit largr, maybe he got mixed in with the Fantails by mistake...lucky for me as he is an awesome goldie, very active and happy.

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