So I was talking to my mother yesterday, and she mentioned she wanted a sea-theme to her bedroom. Ok, no problem, I'll buy her some shells for Xmas....but then I hear these dread words:

"So I bought a betta for my bedroom, and one for the bathroom."

I knew exactly what she had done....betta vases.

So I quickly asked if they had heaters and pointed out that they are tropical fish, and she keeps her house at 63 degrees all the time. LUCKILY, she has some common sense and went out and bought a couple heaters for them (probably too strong but we will see). I praised her and mentioned that she should change the water often...which she should know, since she has kept fish for YEARS, but, look at exhibit Betta.

I figure every time I see her or talk to her I'll drop another good fishkeeping hint so as not to antagonize her too much, while saving the poor bettas' lives.

I am worried about the vase thing though....she brought up them living with cups, so I countered with a puppy living in its cage....but we will see. She really doesn't have the room for a 5g tank where she wants to put them, and I already bought her Xmas gift. :-P

Either way, at least they are warm tonight!