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    I wasn't being serious - just wishful. I don't think I'd purchase shrimp through the post unless it was a special courier that delivered them in one day.

    I'm sure importing them must be against all sorts of DEFRA rules.
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    TD, I finally took the time to read through this entire journal thread and I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful tank with a nice variety of very interesting aquatic life. Great job on a relatively low budget biotope aquarium.

    Oh yes, the pictures are pretty good too.
    When in doubt, do a water change.

    "This ain't rocket science!"

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    Thanks Taurus! It does have a few minor issues but all in all I'm quite pleased with it. I'm hoping a few people will be inspired and see that even on a relatively low budget you can build something nice.

  4. #154


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    Well, this is strange. Found a dead shrimp at feeding time. Female at her 2nd or 3rd clutch of eggs I think. What made it weirder still is that nothing was nibbling at the corpse yet.

  5. Default

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    Great looking tank and you have definately given me some ideas. I have been reading tons of articles on "how-to's" for Biotopes and this post has shown me that it can be done on a budget and done well :)

  6. #156


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    Good to hear that, that was what I hoped to accomplish with this.

  7. #157


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    This scene reminded me of a lion and some jackals:

    As you can see he's really developing a nice head of bristles.

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    He's so good looking! What type of shrimp are the "jackals"?
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    I don't know. Could be wild coloured cherries, could be caridina parvidentata

  10. Default

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    Amazing tank, it looks like those I see in the Aquarium Stores, just staring and dreaming of being able to put something like that together one day!

    Do you know any good guide or video that do step by step on how to arrange something like yours? I mean, I know a bit but like - how do you get the moss to stay on the background (and what is that background? lol.) As well as what type of substrate is best for holding the plants down and making them grow better?

    So many questions haha!

    And I watched your pictures on your website too, I was a bird photographer before as well, you have some amazing shots there!
    "We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to"

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