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    Default Different Beginner Questions

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    Hi there! Im a beginner and new to this site. It seems pretty cool and informative. It's really nice that if someone can't help you, they won't leave you hanging, they'll direct you to a site that can. Most people won't even go that far. Anyways, after reading several pages of postings, I decided to post this since I couldn't find any info elsewhere... I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank with 4 dalmation lyretail mollies (3 females and a male), 1 betta, 1 catfish thing and 3 brown colored algae eaters. The catfish and the algae eaters were a gift, so I don't know the name of them, but if you look at my album labeled 'my little fishes' you can see them. If you know what they are, please tell me. Also are they easy to breed? I don't want to but was just curious. My questions:
    1. The mollies and betta love to dive to the top (but not surface level) and then dive to the bottom of one corner of the tank repeatedly several times during the day. Is this normal behavior? It really looks like they are playing. They never go sideways and it's always in the back corner. They're are no diseases that I can tell, and there's never any harm. No one gets hurt. Water levels are fine.....
    2. What is the difference between aquarium salt and marine salt. Is one saltier than the other?
    3. The clear gooey stuff snails leave behind on their trail, is this normal? Will it get eaten up by the catfish or will it go away on it's own? I was thinking of getting a snail, but don't like the gooey stuff.
    4. I add aquarium salt to my tank at every water change, do you think if I get ghost shrimps, they'll be okay?

    I want to thank you in advance for any replies you may have. This may seem like a lot, but I took advice from William in another post that said basically it's better to ask questions if you don't know something. Which is what I'm trying to do :D . Again, Thanx.......felisha

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    1. That sounds normal and can very well be that they are playing.
    2. Aquarium salt and marine salt can often but not alsways be the same thing. Aquarium salt is free from iodide and other substances that can be harmful to fish.
    3. That is normal and usually disappear by itself.
    4. I don't know how ghost shrimps react to salt. How much salt do you add at every water exchange?

    can't say for sure about the catfish. would need a better picture.

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    Hi DemonShark!
    -William- Thanx for the reply. I've added 3 more pics of the algae eater (don't know what kind), and I can't get a good pic of the catfish. Pics are not as clear as I would like, sorry about that.
    -I added 4 tablespoons of salt the first time and approximately a 1/2 tablespoon at every change which is 10%. I had too. I seen the fishes scratch themselves upon the rock and I wanted to prevent any illnesses. They seem fine now.

    Again, Thanx for the replies................Felisha

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    I think those are chinese algae eaters.

    I would recommen that you don't add that "much" salt at every water change or the salinity might start to build over time.

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    William: Thanx for the reply... How much salt would you recommend? and also aren't chinese algae eaters dangerous? They don't seem to bother any other fish. Everyone gets along just fine, even with the betta around. Also, I was thinking about getting some Angel fish. Do you think that would be too many fish in the tank? I have at the moment. 3 chinese algae eaters, 1 spotted catfish of some sort, 4 dalmation lyretail mollies, and a beta named Nemo :) If the Angels will do fine in my tank, about how many do you think I can have before I overcrowd the tank? I was thinking maybe the small Angels. Thanx again, I really appreciate all the info!!!!!

  7. Default

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    and also aren't chinese algae eaters dangerous?
    uhmm no. why would they be dangerous?

    Your tank is a bit small for adult angels and you would need a larger tank as they grow.'

    I recommend about 1 tablespoon/ 5gallon water just like you initially used but you use a little more when you change water.

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    Ok, Great, Thanx William. I really really appreciate all the info.....

  9. Default

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    no problem. glad to be able to help.

  10. Default

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    1. The mollies and betta love to dive to the top (but not surface level) and then dive to the bottom of one corner of the tank repeatedly several times during the day. Is this normal behavior?
    My Tiger Barbs do this as well. is it at all possible that they can see their reflections in the glass at certain angles? maybe they think its another fish?

    I know that probably sounded dumb but it might explain why they do it , it often looks like they are chasing themselves in the glass.

    :oops: Patryck now sits in the newbie corner quietly hoping his outburst wasnt too foolish. :oops:
    Patryck 8-)

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