Thank you so much for your information on this subject!!! I recently
purchased two beautiful Blue Angels about two months ago. About a week
after getting them, they laid a large amount of eggs on my Amazon Sword
plant, but ate every last one of them within hours afterwards.... About 3
weeks later they laid more, but as I came home and looked at the tank, they
were eating the last few, meaning they had the eggs during the day and then
ate them hours later again! I was so pissed off....Now they just laid more
eggs, not as many as the first two batches, but they seem to be leaving
them alone, and that was about 5 hours ago now. I don't know what to
do....if I should leave them alone since its only the two Angels, a Corey
Cat, and a Butterfly Pleco, or if I should cut the leaf off and put it in
an empty 10 gallon tank I've had running for the passed week while waiting
for this to happen.....PLEASE help me out being that I love these fish and
the babies would look amazing as well.

Thank you and hope to hear from you sooner than later, sincerely Bill H.
PS: I'm attaching a video and/or pic of the Angels :) The male is the one
with the spot, and the female is big and pregnant since the pic was from