I know my Aqua clear 20'sfilter housings need cleaning....the pipes are getting full of scunge. How do I clean them out? Rinse them with a brush in the sink and then submerge them a couple of times in the tank water to "dechlorinate "them. Then rinse the components.....sponge...charcoal or not.....and biomax bag in tank water before reassembling and starting up? Ive heard charcoal is mainly to control odor? I have some blue uncut filter finer....should I put that in instead? I also have a bio bag and some purigen but don't know what that does...could. I add it as a second filter bag along with the sponge and original biomax bag? I do partial aster changes in all the tanks at least weekly and more often if there is a problem. So with the python don't you want to suck up just the top layer of rocks to clean out any debris or not? Thanks again for any advice. I was about to toss all my sponges per filter directions.......and the biomax next month! Could get very expensive with. 3 small and 2 110 aqua clears!