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  1. Default Best Cleaner for Oscar Tank

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    I have an oscar in a 60 gal and was wondering if there is a fish out there who will absoutely help cleanup his food waste (and I do know that vacuuming and partial water changes are the best solution). I am having trouble with y nitrite level (I have an aquaclear filter) and have added some prime and removed the carbon for a few days --plus did a 1/4 water change. I have read that eclipse cats are good--also severums? I have 2 plecos in a separate tank and 7 cories in another----these are all about 1 to 1 1/2 inches shorter than my oscar buddy. Any advice? On something he won't kill that will actually help the tank. Thanks for any info--Shirley

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    It's one thing to look for an appropriate tank mate for your Oscar and quite another to look for a fish to clean up what you can do the best yourself - but you know this already : )

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    fish do not eat the waste of other fish. Fish eat food and make their own waste. If you are having water parameter issues now another fish, no matter what kind, will only make it worse.

    What size aquaclear does the tank have? It may not be enough filtration. How often do you do water changes and how much do you take out when you do? You may need to increase those as well.
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    +1 with brhino - what is the capacity of your filter? Oscars are messy fish and require filtration that is a minimum of double the size of your tank. Also, there is no need to put the carbon back into the filter - it is not needed unless you are removing meds from the water - better to add more biological media in it's place.

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    If you could find a way to breed aquatic dung beetles, you would be a rich man!
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    side note: 75gallons is the min recommendation for 1 oscar.

    they do get to 10+ inches and need that space to turn around and swim normally...

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    Oscars are fantastic fish to have and watch but they are dirty eaters and produce a tremendous amount of waste/poop The only way you will even come close to keeping your Oscars tank clean is with a Python type cleaner to clean your tank and frequent water changes. An Oscar tank can get out of control quickly and they are very prone to Hole in the Head which comes from bad water conditions.

    The Python makes it easy it can be done with buckets but that gets old fast...
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  8. Smile Thanks for Advice

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    I have had a lot of aquariums but not recently and am new to the cycling concept. I am confused, though. The info on cycling says to leave the gravel alone, but then some of the advice says to vacuum it. I already have a python from the old days, so I guess I probably vacuumed and changed about 1/3 of the tank water. I didn't use the python to fill it though because it needs a little more rinsing first I think since it has been stored for many moons. There are so many new products out now. I have a 110 Aquaclear filter and it seems to be doing a good job. The only number out of balance is the nitrite. What do most of you use to dechlorinate, etc. your water? It is so strange but I have a Berkey filter and thought I was doing my fish a favor by using room temp filtered water (I did also add some chlorine remover just in case). Ended up losing 2 plecos, a clown loach, and a small algae eater. I got my test kit out and found that the ph was 8.3 - 8.5 or something. After testing all the spigots in the house I discovered the Berkey filtered water had the high ph! Didn't bother the oscar though. Then I tried lowering the ph and found out that oscars actually like a little higher ph. This Master Test kit by API is driving me nuts! Never had one before so now I am totally paranoid about everything. When I referred to cleaning up waste I just meant excess food particles, not actual fish poop! Anyhow, thanks for all your pointers!

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