So i am when half my 5 gallons are bubble nests. my question is. what is the film that covers the rest of the tank. I have two 5 gallon tanks, heated but not filtered. My Aunt freaks out if i am using power. even though i pay half the bill, even though that is almost double what my tank is.. it just makes peace, sorry to go OT. anyway what is that film. is it ok the break up the bubble nest or will it stress him. I do 50% mid week w/c then a graval vac 90% once a week. during the 90 change i scrub the sides to get the film off; but about an hour after that the bubbles come. never had this problem with my crowns there nests are the size a quarter. only my plakats like that make a bubble bath So could i "stir" up the bubble nest and film to make it less boggy, figured it would either stress or help(surface agitation).

ok think i explained goo