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    I have cryts and anubias in my 20 gallon because I only have 28 watts (T-5) lighting. I also have microsword in there and remarkably, it has not died yet but it's not doing much, either. I also have had no ferts other than plant spikes so whether the microswords last or not, I haven't a clue. They remain nice and green.

    My light comes tomorrow for my 55 gallon. That's 130 watt (T-5) but still not up to 3 watts per gallon. I will see how it goes and just have to add more if needed, I guess.

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    Okay I dont want to sound like a total dummy but what is T-5? I am trying to figure out what plants I want to put in and how much light respectivly. I have a Eclipse system 6 tank on my desk and I really want live plants in it. and 99 % sure it will be guppies in there. I also have ghost shrimp. Started out with 5 and down to 2. I will get more later if need be. Not sure about that yet. But here I am rambling. The replacement part for the light in the hood of my aquarium is listed as a 12 inch 8watt T-5 bulb. Now my math says that might be enough for the low light plants. But I want optimum conditions for the plants that I do choose. What kind of full spectrum bulb would you recommend for this? So I guess that is two questions lol Thanks for any help.

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    A T-5 is a size of bulb, and is capable of putting out some very good wattage. A "T" is a size rating, and one "T" represents 1/8" diameter. Plants like a light temperature around 5-10k, which is why you see some plant-specific bulbs with a temp of 6,700k. Our resident experts can give you more info.
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    Thank you very much for clearing that up.

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    Just Da Bumpy Bump.


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    Why is this not stickied it is very helpful.
    75 gallon project
    45 gallon community

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    Heres for your tank and making it all pretty with your substrate and luck with cycling it  :) Sorry for misunderstanding!!! - CassieLEO 


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    Thanks Dave

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    Tank 3 : 8.4 G : Mix of Flourite and Azoo Plant Grower.6 Slender Rasboras
    Weekly Liquid Dosing of Nitrate, Potassium, Phosphate, Magnesium, CSM+B and Iron Nutrients for Plants.

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    what type of lights would you recomend for a 55g tank for plants that need about 4+ watts? i am in the process of setteing it up i have some of my plants in a 10g long with some lizerd like that puts out 15w per gallon and every thing is strong and lush but for my 55g i want long hanging lights and the light im currently useing is just a bulb u up into a heat lamp also for my 55g im going to add to DIY co2 injectors (dont have the money to buy a real one lol) do you think this will harm my fish?
    Thanks for your time

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    JBJ makes a power compact four foot fixture that puts out 260 watts. Formosa DX is the name of the fixture. Coralife makes a similar fixture, which is easier to find. You can buy legs for both brands that will allow it to sit on your tank cover glass, or you can buy a hanging kit and have the fixture hanging down from your ceiling.

    I'm aware 260 watts is more then 4 per gallon, but if you keep 30 ppm Co2 and use the EI method of fertilization, you'll have outstanding plant growth. With that much light, you'll be able to keep stem plants properly.

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    Dave you sir are a wizard. I can't believe I missed this gem of a sticky! I've been floating between the plants and tech sections for recommended lighting the past couple days and have just stumbled across this now. Thank you for all you provide!



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