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    Default Severum and plants.

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    I know this is typically fairly difficult to do, but i plan on adding some plants to my severum tank. The tank has alot of driftwood but isn't really... aquascaped so to speak. I would like to add a number of vals and larger swords and such. My lighting is round about 1.1 watts/gal at the moment, but i have a ballast out on one of my dual fixtures. Once i either get a new fixture or fix the ballast(any advice here as well?) I'll be at around 1.4 watts/gal. Does anyone recommend any specific type of plant or any way to reduce the chances of my sev uprooting them? I expect him to be a bit nippy at first, but I've had plants with him before and the main problem was the plant being uprooted. Tried plant weights but it didn't work.

    EDIT: The tank is a 65 gallon, so it's pretty deep. Not sure if this affects the lighting. I also like floating plants, but I have a full hood with glass lids.
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    Place large gravel around the roots, if digging is an issue. With my sevs, they just tore into the plants themselves
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    I don't think vals need all that much light. My grew under a shop light. But severums do like to dig so I would stack some rocks up around them and maybe attach some anubias to the driftwood and of course the floaters.

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    +1 to the above

    Severums can be hit and miss with plants. I've had one that will root around near the base of plants (which the rocks really helped with), and I've had one that liked to tear up the plant leaves. Sometimes cichlids can be hard to predict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeonflame
    Place large gravel around the roots, if digging is an issue. With my sevs, they just tore into the plants themselves
    Yes it's not so much the digging that was an issue, he just pulled them up by the leaves when he decided he was hungry(he's always hungry).
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    I love the idea of attaching anubias to the driftwood! How do you go about doing such a thing? Excuse my noob questions, I've mostly done africans and haven't really fussed with plants too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeonflame
    Place large gravel around the roots, if digging is an issue. With my sevs, they just tore into the plants themselves
    yea dude so true i always have to hardscape with these bastards only plant that may weather their destruction is anubias nana but only on driftwood or rocks cuz they will just rip it out of the substrate otherwise

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    Ok so this is what i have decided; I plan on starting with 3 anubias nana, and 2 java ferns which i will attach to my driftwood decorations. I will mostly likely be adding some vals or something if the first batch of plants works out well. I am upgrading my DB solarmax t5 HE fixture to the HO version of the same brand. Additionally i have the dual 36" fixture with 2 30 watt plant bulbs in it, but one side of the fixture is out. I will be at 1.6w/gal when my HO fixture arrives, and will be at 2.1 when i fix the side of my fixture that is currently not working.

    Should I dose with any sort of products? I have Flourish Excel and Kent iron & manganese(I know the iron & manganese is for higher light plants and such). Also are there any other plants you recommend other than vals? I dont plan on using a CO2 reactor, tryin to keep it low tech and as cheap as possible here. Already gonna be about 100 bucks into the lights, dont wanna spend more than 50-100 more on tech stuff.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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