Just wanted to share pics with you all of our new baby.

This is Eeyore.

He is a Chinese Hi-Fin Shark "Myxocyprinus asiaticus" which is a large member of the Catostomidae family. We got him to grow him out over the winter for our pond this spring.

The pics are a little fuzzy because he was all excited and darting around vigorously eating daphnia. These guys are especially cute when juveniles, and aren't as popular as they once were so many people aren't familiar with them.

They are believed to make extensive migratory breeding runs which have been threatened in their native waters of the Yangtze and Minjiang River Basins due to the over building of dams. This, combined with the fact that they were once so popular in the hobby that the numbers of the species in the wild began to decline led to them being placed on an endangered species list in China, making it illegal to export wild specimens.

However in recent years there has been many attempts to cultivate a domestic line, and while so far they have all been unsuccessful the species is still available due to invasive populations of them that have fared extremely well in wild ponds and lakes in parts of the states.

They will only do well in colder water setups (62*F-70*F) and can successfully winter under ice in waters which are sufficiently deep. They are long lived and particularly slow growing, so it may take them up to 10-15 years to reach max adult size of 3ft. This large size combined with their requirements of non-tropical temperatures and exceptionally strong current and filtration make most hobby aquariums completely incompatible setups. However they are well suited as companions for goldfish or koi ponds as long as the water quality is maintained pristine enough to accommodate them, as they can be particularly delicate fish.

Anyway, just thought some of you might be interested, and we are very excited to add him(her?) to the family.