For all the pleco lovers of the AC...

Made by the awesome WhittyKitty, who made my pleco and betta fish plushies. These ones were not made by commission; she was experimenting with the pattern and came up with these guys. Both have suction cups in their mouths so they can cling to windows, mirrors, the sides of fish tanks (my bettas give me the death glare when I put my pleco plush on the sides of their tanks).

This one is a longfin pleco, 6 inches from nose to tail base. Can be made with other fabric patterns, too

This one is a 12-inch plush... I think a sailfin or common pleco. Hand-sewn lines in the fins, extra-strong suction cup. And I love the spotted fabric ^_^

^_^ You can find Whitty at this link if you'd like one; she does ship worldwide.

Thread created with Whitty's permission ^_^