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  1. Default Sick Red Cap Oranda. Please help!

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    I have a red cap oranda and his eyes are popping out + there was whit-ish fluid coming out of it(popeye?). His scales are falling off, he bottom-sits a lot, and stays in the top barely moving. But some days, he swims normally and also, he still eats normally.

    I asked the pet store employees and they said to treat him with Pimafix... But I kinda don't trust them so I haven't started the treatment--but I did buy it.

    Any suggestions? It's my first fish so I'm completely clueless. :( Thank you!

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    can you post a pic?

    While that loads-we need the following info:

    tank size
    tank mates
    water parameters: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate

    it is all very relevant to treat and prevent it from happening again.

  3. Default

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    Thank you so much for the reply!


    Tank size: 5 Gallon
    Tank mates: He's a single fish.

    I don't know how to do water parameters... Do I have to buy something for that? ><

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    what is the filter for the tank? or do you not have one?

    so here's the down side to your predicament. if you don't get that fish a new home-i.e a 30gallon tank at minimum. then he'll never get better.

    Full healthy grown oranda's such as yours will get 7-10inches it physically will not fit in your 5gallon tank.

    However, if you chose not to rehome him-then his organs will outgrow his body and start a slow painful death because he is "stunted" and cannot grow out to his appropriate size.

    so next:
    go to your local fish store or online(cheaper) and buy something called the "API Master Test Kit" this is how you test the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. until then do a 80% water change on your tank with fresh water.

    then read up on this forum "how to cycle a tank"
    you need to cycle the tank so that the fish won't be in toxic water that hurts him (and causes issue's as you currently have)

  5. Default

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    I have the filter that uses a sponge and it flows like a waterfall. The aqua clear power filter.

    Oh... Okay! I will get a new tank asap and a test kit. And I will read the cycle post.

    Does that mean I don't use the pimafix I bought yet? I just saw cottony things come out of his eye earlier when I checked on him. :(

    Thank you so much for all the advice! ><

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    Sounds as he is being burned by ammonia. Nothing belongs in a 5 gallon tank other than perhaps a Betta or micro-fish. If this is a common or a comet goldfish, he is a pond fish unless you have a very large tank (as well as many of the others).

    Check the red link in my signature and you'll see what size goldfish grow.

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