So my dalmatian mollies had a few babies the other day 3 (That I've found) i wasn't aware there was a prego fish in the tank! at least they look like tiny dalmatians.. that's i guess the good exciting news but scary as i don't have a tank divider or anything to save the babies.. but they've been around 3 days now and increasing considerably in size (i became aware of them 3 days ago).

secondly.. earlier this evening i noticed a few maybe 8 little white orbs on the side of my tank.. fish eggs? snail eggs? I'm not quite sure.. and then i was just looking around the tank and i saw a TON of more egg like things under a few of the leaves of my fake the mollies birth live, and i have no other matching pairs of fish.. so i assume somehow that it's snails? how could that be? or could it be any of my other fish ? (i have had my other fish for months so i don't see how this could be)

29 Gallon Long
3 dalmatian mollies
1 BIG Rainbow Shark
1 African Dwarf Frog
1 Platy
1 FAT corydoras catfish