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    Default Community Stocking Advice?

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    Now that our tank is cycled, we're trying to decide what to put in our 50gal tank!

    Currently we have:
    4 Zebra Danios
    1 8" Pleco

    The Pleco has a new home, I just haven't delivered him yet due to keeping up with my 6 kids and the s/o's crazy work schedule.. But we shouldn't have him much longer.

    I have an idea of what we want to put in the tank.. At least a rough idea anyway. But I'm not sure if they will all work together. It's not easy finding info sometimes.. And yes, I've read the stickies, I have been doing my research and I'm aware that fish have their unique personality traits. I'm just looking for any advice I can get! :)

    I was thinking about getting a few glofish to go with our zebras, as I've read they will school together. Other than that.. We were thinking a small school of neon tetras and a pair of black phantom tetras. I'm partial to khuli loaches and would like to include them as well. Other things we like are African Dwarf Frogs, Fiddle Crabs, Snails and Shrimp.. We've also considered adding 1 male Betta to our community eventually. Something else we've considered is Rainbow Fish, our 6 year old is obsessed with rainbows..

    I'm not sure what else might be able to be included or how many of each one to get, such as the khulis. Or in what order to get them for that matter. Any tips, suggestions and advice would be appreciated!

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    so good that you're researching before you stock. And also good that you're rehoming that pleco. The big guy will be much happier in a bigger tank.

    I can help with some of your 'wish list' but will leave others to comment as well.
    Snails - apple or mystery or nerits snails are great additions to any tank. One or two would be great in yours. You might want to wait and add them after your tank has matured a bit since they spend a lot of time on the bottom.

    I've not kept shrimp so someone can help here but would suspect they might also go in last because they are bottom dwellers.

    Glowfish and zebras should also be good but you should up your schools of dannios. 4 is to few. 6 would be minimum. same goes with the glow fish.
    Neons would also be a good choice but if you get the black phantom's you should also consider a school of them, not a pair

    I think most here would suggest that you pick maybe 2 or 3 schools and make them good sized for both the aesthetic affect and for the well being of the fish.

    Rainbows should also be in schools and very fast swimmers and will zip busily around your tank :o) They also get up to 3 1/2 inches so you should keep that in mind. They should probably be in a minimum 4 feet long tank - longer would be even better.

    Frogs and crabs are iffy. The crabs can be very predatory. I know they kill snails.

    I had a betta in a 30 gallon community tank and he did well for a while but it became a problem. Some bettas are very aggressive, some passive but sooner or later, they're going to get grumpy if there's too much going on around them and could become a problem.

    I've never kept Kulhlis but if I remember correctly, they, too like a school.

    Other than the Kulhis you don't have any bottom feeders on your stocking list. You might want to consider a school of cory cats. Adorable and active little fish and will help keep the bottom cleaned up. A small bristle nose pleco might also be a welcome tank mate.

    I'm sure others will weigh in but it sounds like you've got a good start.
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    A betta is not ideal for your plan...the danios are very fast swimmers and will stress him out.

    Almost all the common fish out there are schooling fish, so before you add any, check. A pair of phantoms will be nippy and skittish, but they will look stunning in a large school. Females have a red tint to their fins, so you will get variety while easily maintaining proper sex ratios.

    Neons are stunning in a large school...50g is a lot of space, so go for it.

    The danios (whether golfish or not) should be in a school of at least 6, but 8 or 10 is better.

    Cories are awesome and cute as bottom dwellers, I would consider them, but Kuhlies work too. I would caution that they seem to be very shy, where cories are not.

    Frogs are out for that tank...they are bad swimmers and need to get to the surface to breathe...the height of your tank will stress them out and they may drown or die from exhaustion.

    Snails and/or shrimp should be fine...just remember, most fish think shrimp are very tasty, so buy fish with small mouths.

    Kuhlies may eat snails...not sure on that. I know some loaches do. Double check that. :)

    Whatever you add, put the bottom dwellers in last. They are most susceptible to fluctuating conditions.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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