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    Default Help me ID this parasite? (photo included)

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    Hello Aquatic Community,

    Wow... it seems like whenever I post on a forum of any sort it is usually bad news. I feel a bit guilty. Anyways, here is the situation, maybe someone can help:

    On Sunday the 25th I noticed something white sticking out from the side of my largest Blind Cave Tetra. It is hard to ID. Trust me I have been googling fish parasites for the last few days. Initially I thought it was Ich, but it seems a little too big. Then I thought it was a scale that is coming off. I have ditched that hypothesis because it doesn't look like the other scales.

    Behavioral observations seem inconclusive. Sometimes I notice her hovering near the bottom occasionally "yawning," nose angled down. Always in the spot I feed them. She is still eating. Other times she is swimming around merrily with the rest.

    I think I can rule out fish lice because of the coloration and lack of black spots on the parasite. The part that appears to actually attach to the fish looks a little darker and sort of pointed, reminds me of a tick's mouthpiece. Perhaps it is some sort of fluke?

    Nitrates: 0
    Temp: 75F
    Hardness: uncertain
    Salinity: uncertain
    Additives: flourish excel (daily), flourish comp (biweekly)

    These are the actions I have taken so far.

    - Immediate 25% water change. It was water change day anyways, I aim to do them approx every 12 days.

    - Netted the tetra and gave her a 1hr paraguard dip in my bucket. 3cc/gal

    - Dosed tank with 8cc paraguard per day since sunday. The tank is 20 gal. The instructions say 5cc per 10 gal. I figure 8cc makes sense because I am trying to compensate for decor and substrate displacement.

    - Dosed ~4cc melafix. This is a small dose, and I dont plan to do any more because I am not sure if it will interact with the paraguard.

    I was tempted to try a salt bath but I cannot find definite answers regarding cave tetras and salt baths.

    I have linked images. I tried to enhance the contrast in one of them. Sorry for the blurryness, I worked with what I have - a magnifying glass, phone camera, and patience. Any input on this issue is greatly appreciated.

    Last edited by Public Alias; 11-29-2012 at 03:31 AM.

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