Diagnosed the last week of July, my Dog Daisy had Lymphoma cancer. It struck suddenly, and viciously, but Daisy was still full of piss and vinegar, so we decided to try for chemotherapy.

We were delighted, that she quickly reached remission, and seemed cancer free after only two months of chemo, but her remission lasted only six weeks. At the reappearance, which was aggressive, we decided for a last shot attempt at chemo. Given a dose two weeks ago, it appeared she had improved, her lymph nodes shrinking back by 70 percent. The following week, just after Thanksgiving, she was given an at home dose of chemotherapy...... but unfortunately, it did nothing, and the cancer started taking her over.

The decision was rough, but it was the correct one, as the cancer had taken over her liver, and her spleen, and had become chemo resistant. She was put down this morning, and was only six and a half years old.

I hate cancer. I really hate cancer.