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  1. Default My Gourami may be dying..

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    He is laying down a lot will barely eat. He is swimming weird I think something may have happened to his back tail. Every once and awhile he will swim very rarely but today he was swimming very weirdly and tried jumping out twice. I'm not sure what to do? I don't think he is dying but my mom does. Any suggestions on what's wrong and how to fix it? Please help! Thank you!

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    You will need to give a little more information before anyone can really help. Size of your tank, how long have you had it up and running, and how long has it had fish in it. What are your readings for ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, how often do you clean and or do water changes.
    30 gal Freshwater
    1 young Angel, 6 Pepper Corydoras, 5 Harlequin Rasbora 1 Bristle-nose Pleco

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    Welcome to the forum and +1 to the above
    Here is the information we'll need:

    What is the size of tank?
    What is the filtration on the tank?
    Do you have a heater? (if so, what is the temp?)
    What are the other fish in the tank?
    Water Parameters? :Ammonia=? Nitrates=? Nitrates=?
    What is your test kit? (api master test kit, the strips, local fish store)
    When was your last water change?

    All of this is very relevant...this could range from another fish beating him up, it could be a disease, it could be anything really.

    Additionally, if you could post a picture that would be nice.

  4. Default

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    The tank is anywhere from 5-10 gallons no heater the filter is power filter 10 not sure how long fish have been in it got it from a friend. Just got the fish a few eels ago. There is two other kinds don't remember the names of them but they all get along just fine. Just today he has started darting random places and would just go crazy. His end of the tail is white and it looks like something may have been like biting it or chewing on it. Not sure. Haven't change water since I got them, and I don't know about the water parameters.right now he is in a littleish glass bowl so he won't get the others sick if he has a disease.

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    We have to do some work to make sure your fish are happy. lets start:
    Can you measure the tank for us? we can then calculate the volume

    Go run, drive, walk, bike to the nearest fish store and pick up these products:
    A heater
    DeChlorinator (water conditioner)
    API Master Test Kit
    Pending the real size of your tank (and other fish) you may even need to pick up a bigger tank)
    second-can you post pictures of your tank? we can then identify your other fish to help resolve this. They could be beating up the other guy at night or not, but pending the fish, we won't know for sure.

    Once you come back from the store:
    You really to do a big water change (70%)-use a cup, bowl whatever and refill the tank with De-Chlorinated water.
    Add in the heater for them to warm up

    Once you do that, let us know and we'll walk ya through the rest

  6. Default

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    I have de chlorinator and that's what the water is. I can't get a heater because I don't live around any store that carries stuff for fish tanks. The tank is 8 in, 9 1/2 in by 14 in. Just a minute and I will find out what the other fish are.

  7. Default

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    Two are skirt tetras and the other two are platys.

  8. Default

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    At least I think it's dechlorophyer

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    What is the product called that you use to treat the water?

    and you have a 4.5 gallon tank.

    I'm sorry but that isn't big enough for any of the fish that you currently own.
    they don't have the room they need to swim or do anything.

    Regardless, you have to get a heater, order it online or something. they are tropical fish and need warmer water.

    cold water, non cycled tank, no water changes are all the compounding reasons that your fish are struggling and suffering and slowly dying.

    if you cannot get the equipment then give the fish to someone who does, because its cruel to keep the fish in these conditions.

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    +1 with all of the above - dechlorinator is what you are supposed to add to your tap water to remove chlorine from it - without it, the fish would die if you change any of their water.

    I agree that if you are in a situation where you can't purchase things to help keep the fish alive, perhaps there is someone you know who has a larger tank in their home who could take them.

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