greetings & salutations all ~

i discovered this great forum yesterday while reading up for my first tank. what a wonderful resource you all are!!! thanks for sharing your knowledge

i am going to 'dip my toe' with a 5 gal tank for a betta, hopefully planted. asked for the tank for xmas, then read that it is easier / better margin of error / more forgiving with a 20 or 30 gal. whoops, too late now...... stayed up most of last night reading the betta thread. learned lots! and am sure i will be asking tons & tons of ?s. fell asleep thinking: 5 gal minimum, filter, heater, low flow, no bubbling, cycling, water changes, testing....and more testing!

so please share your wisdom as i ask silly ?s and tell me when i am heading down the wrong stream

thanks in advance, you all rock
lator gators, b