After a routine water change (I turn off my 2 filters during this), I noticed some water coming out of my cabinet. I opened it up and noticed that my Fluval 205 filter was trickling some water from the side where one of the clamps are. I unplugged it and put it in a bucket. I unplugged the intake and exit hoses and carefully removed the top. The o-ring looks ok but I cleaned it and the seat of the filter carefully in case there was any crud present. I closed it all back up and started it again. There was no problem getting the filter to start. But the trickle was still present.
I read on line that a small amount of Vaseline applied to the o-ring may help seal the filter but I haven't tried that yet. Wondering if some one had tried that and what results they had.
I plan on checking the local shop for a new o-ring come tomorrow and for now I will just have my HOB running.
Why do things like this always happen when the stores are closed?