Okay, first of i would like to say tank you in advance for stopping by and reading this.
I currently have a minor Ich outbreak in my tank that started with my neon tetras. I am trying to kill it off before it kills anything. I am trying to do the heat only method because i have scaleless fish and snails. Currently my temperature is 84*F is that enough? ( I have 2 heaters in there both on high and that's as high as i can get it) Do i have to remove my carbon filter? i read that its only necessary if I'm using chemicals(which i do not want to do).

Is 84*F high enough to kill Ich?
Do i need to remove my carbon filter even if i am not using chemicals?
Can i keep my temperature around 80*F even after the treatment?

List of fish:
2 swordtails (Marigold, Neon)
7 Neon Tetras
3 Snails
1 Pleco
2 Cory cats.

P.S. I have 2 air air stones, one really weak, and one stronger. Also have live plants.