Hey guys -

I'm a newbie to the fish club, aside from having some guppies as a kid. I just bought a 55g tank and it has a filter for a 75g. I was using AqAdvisor and it is telling me my tank is 278% overstocked and the filtration capacity is at 24%. I was hoping to get some real feedback since I know that site is obviously just a guide. I have all juveniles of the following:

2 Dwarf Blue Gourami
2 Red Eye Tetras
2 Blue Paradise Fish
2 Red Fire Guppies
2 Iridescent Sharks
1 Synodontis Eupterus Catfish
3 Gold Zebra Danios
3 Mystery Snails

I know the sharks may have been a bad choice since they get really big, as well as the catfish. The other fish don't really get that big from what I can see. But aside from that and the territorial spats with the Paradise fish and the Gouramis, I think there is plenty of room in the tank for everyone. I'm done with getting any new fish for a while but i will be adding a few more plants to create some more desirable real estate on the other side of the tank. The fish really seem to congregate around the plants I have in there now. I have 4 or 5 plants on one end of the tank. Any advice/suggestions?