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  1. Default Lots can happen in two days

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    Ok left for two days and came back to the following:
    Ok water params, has been staying at .25 ammonia

    A few baby platy noticible - mother much better looking than before

    Now the bad:
    Small development of brown algae (im not bothered by it, have been trying to get some so that when I get otos they have some)

    2nd snail I've seen in tank (removed 1st but this one got away)

    And a ick outbreak

    Fml. So did a 50% pwc, added salt, and upped the temp. Any solution to the snail. Have thought maybe buy 1 assassin snail (if I did and it killed all other snails then what would I feed it? ??)Also

    Any other tips on ick?

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    For Ick i recommend only upping the temp because that alone will do the trick, salt sometimes adds complications (Mid 85-87f depending on if your fish can take it i did it with rainbowfish and no problems, make sure to do it slowly tho). For the snails they come with the territory do you have any bottom feeders? I forget which ine but there is a fish that can help with snail populations but its common to have some if you have live plants.
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    I would not get assassins because you see one or two snails in your tank. Just mush them when you see them.

    Temp of 86 will kill the ick but if you can not raise the temp to 86, you will have to use salt. Raising the temp to 82, for instance, will not kill the ick without using the salt.

    Or leave the temps where they usually are and use a medication.

    Air stone must be added if raising the temp or using medication and charcoal removed from the filter if using medication.

  4. Default

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    Ok, temp is up, set at 84, but will take some time, added salt per box recommendations for sensitive fish

    How long should it take? What should I expect during this time?

    Ok about the snail, had been a little interested in the assassins but maybe some day.

    I am happy to have some algae and to have been getting consistent ammonia readings

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    While doing the salt and heat treatment, keep a close eye on your fish. The fish will likely go through a clearing, and then possibly what seems like a second outbreak. It is not a second infestation, but an emergence of the parasite on the fish that's already there, that pops up. It is when the parasitic cysts break free and are free floating that they die off, and can not re-infect the fish. The ones in the fish, will have to emerge, and them break free of the fish.

    Keep up the treatment of salt and heat for at -least- two weeks after the last spot has left the fish. Keep up maintenance, and vacuum the gravel really really well to get up any little bugger parasites that lodge in there during this time.

    To remove the salt, do it slowly over time, simply doing water changes and adding no more salt to each change. It is much better to slowly lower the salt and temperature to avoid shock to the fish.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    1 T. per 5 gallons is the therapeutic dosage. Treatment will be needed for perhaps 10 days after you no longer see the Ick. Ick is not killed while they are on the fish. The white spot is actually the shell of the parasite and the parasite is burrowed into the fish drinking the blood. When it gets full, falls off the fish and reproduces, then is when it will be killed.

  7. Default

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    Tank seems to be doing ok, less white on the fish. Tank temp won't go any higher than around 80 (even though I have my heater set at 85)

    I added salt, and hoping to see improvement so that I may add my otos soon.

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    Your heater is either defective or not adequately sized for your tank.

    Gas mileage isn't everything OIIIIIIIO
    Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
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  9. Default

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    300W in a 55 Gallon... located in center, HOB filter on both sides, with a bubble wall along back of tank.. think I should contact fluval for warranty?? Probably past my return period at petsmart

  10. Default

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    They actually have the Jager heaters for a few dollars less, you think I should swap it out (return period is 60 days so I'm good there)

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