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    Nov 2012

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    Default 90g back to freshwater

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    Hey new guy here my names Ethan I am 22. I have been in this hobby for about 10 yrs know.

    Converting my 90g saltwater tank to freshwater.

    Moved to michigan in 2010 and just recently started back in school while I work full time and my tank was becoming more of a chore than an enjoyment so I took it down this past February.

    You guest it decided to get back in this time were it all started for me freshwater.

    Please if you have and suggestions while im posting my progress please speak
    Nothing is more important in this hobby than learning from others mistakes or success.

    Cameras charging will post pictures tomorrow thanks again guys!!
    Tank is a aqueon RR
    RO/DI is bulk reef supplies unit
    stand built by me
    Rest of my stuff sold

    This black friday pretty much went on a buying spree most of my stuff should be here tuesday or thursday and i can get stuff done than. Still need drift wood, lighting and some other odds and ends.

    Low maintenance!!is key reason I took my saltwater tank down would like to enjoy it after work or while studying.

    Tank plans semi planted with driftwood? New to the plants so will have to do some reading and find some easy to keep ones for beginners.

    Fish I like help me pick?



    knife fish

    tiger barbs


    some cichlids do not want a cichlid tank though can't stand looking at the same fish different color.Just me not hating on people who like those type of tanks.

    giant danios


    catfish like pictus?

    was thinking discus but I don't know think I'll be right back were my saltwater tank was?

    clown loachs but all the ones here are so tiny and i'd really like 4-6 inch one if i got one.

    Equipment list what I bought already.
    Plumbing- for durso standpipe and return/drain lines
    Filter socks and holder
    fluval bio max ceramic rings-14 boxes
    media bags thinking about puting the rings in them to make it easier to clean? Really don't just want to dump them in my sump.
    Sicce silent 4.0 pump- had a mag9.5 for the money couldn't complain but wanted a better pump this time. So it was a toss between ehiem or sicce which my skimmer used a sicce pro pump and I loved it so went that route.
    marineland carbon
    seachem flourite-5 bags plant substrate? or should I have gone a different route?
    Thick foam pads for inserts and prefilters
    300w jager ehiem heater think I should have bought 2?
    cichlid gold, staple, bio-gold pellet was a super deal could not pass it up doesn't mean I have to get cichlids. I have a friend who has oscars so he will love it.

    Seachem Prime
    which brings me to another question my tap water TDS is 150ppm. haven't tested hardness yet but pretty sure it is normal definitely not hard. Would you guys just use the tap water and treat with prime or go with RO water?

    Been reading and with saltwater fish you don't have to worry about this because of the salt mixes but the RO units take out the bad but also the good minerals and what not that the fish use. Kent makes a product to put into the water to restore all the good stuff. But I feel like if ima do that miswell use tap water. Because my unit is a 1:2 ratio it'll be more environmentally friendly. What are your thoughts?
    Last edited by Aquatic Life; 11-26-2012 at 05:17 AM.

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    Picking stock is your job, Get what you like that is suitable for your tank and your other stock lol. We will help you refine your list and avoid obvious errors such as IE: Clown loaches who are social and need groups and also get too large for your tank. Smaller birchirs only in the footprint of a 90, Oscars and convicts are both cichlids btw.

    BTW - My water has 3 times the TDS your does and I don't have issues. I don't know if you meant to infer that Prime does something about it or not but your statement sort of looks that way. Prime does nothing about TDS for the record, Prime neutralizes chlorine/chloramines.
    Gas mileage isn't everything OIIIIIIIO
    Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
    Why pretend there are no stupid questions? Actually, There are many stupid questions: "Should I drink this bleach?" Is just one example.
    Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

    A warm beer is better than a cold beer. Because nothing is better than a cold beer, and a warm beer is better than nothing.

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    Nov 2012

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    Lol just re read it does seem that way. Yea I know prime doesn't affect TDS. RO/DI water works wonders with saltwater fish and the benefits out way the negative. Just did some reading most people seem to only use them in their freshwater tanks if their water source is horrible.

    So ima just stick with tap water and prime. Main thing I hated about using my RO/Di was the slow water output 90gpd gets old fast when you don't have a 100g storage tank. Or auto refill system.

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    Nov 2012

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    List so far please pick at it.

    setup 1?
    senegal bichir
    giant danios
    synodontis eupterus catfish
    african brown knife
    convict cichlid/ram/firemouth/severum?

    setup 2?
    would like to maybe on my first oscar but no idea what could go with them if anything?

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    Nov 2012

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    Stuff came alot sooner than expected which is sweet!

    tank, stand, sump, stuff I got today.

    Last edited by Aquatic Life; 11-26-2012 at 05:25 PM.

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    Nov 2012

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    update got my driftwood todaysome pics..sorry for the reflections don't have a tank light so kinda hard to get pictures.

    soaking it know while im waiting on the plumbing.

    Last edited by Aquatic Life; 11-27-2012 at 06:51 PM.

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    Nov 2012

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    If theirs any good sites or threads with this kind of information please let me know.

    What kind of lighting do you guys suggest for plants?

    Also what are some hardy plants for a first time planted tank owner?

    On my salt tank I had an ATI 6 bulb t-5 fixture. So are we looking at that kind of power or would 2-4 bulbs work?

    Was not a fan of LEDs for corals how are they for planted tanks?

    Im thinking fo trying the aquatic life t5 linkable fixtures and start off with one and maybe add another later. Anyone have experience with this brand/fixture?

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