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  1. Default Someone Plz! Help Emergency

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    Hello my name is robert i have a sick rainbow shark!! Just noticed the strange activity today usually the cave is the main place it stays except to feed of corse. But just today she has been floating straight up and down in the tank near the top sticking her head out every now and then ... what is wrong plz help i wanna save her!!!!!!

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    1: welcome to the forum

    2: a mod will move this thread so i'll answer you here:
    we need the following info to start to help:

    A: tank size
    B: Tank filtration
    C: Water Parameters: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate
    1: is the tank cycled?
    2: what are you using to test the water parameters?
    D: other fish in the tank

  3. Default

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    with a tetra30-60gal. filtration.
    1rainbow shark
    2tiger barbs
    1 dwarf graw.
    and a placo
    all has been fine till today no agression in any of the fish very peacefull till today yes it is cycled the tiger barbs and rainbow sharks wher moved from my 10 galabout 3months ago when i got new tank

  4. Default

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    Im using jungle 5 in 1 test stripes
    nitrate 80-180 its hard to tell the color
    nitrate(no2) 0
    Hardness soft
    alk. Low
    ph. 6.2

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    What is a "dwarf graw" I put that into google and nothing came up.

    second: what kind of pleco

    third-rainbow sharks should be in a least a 55gallon tank (4ft long minimum) they are super active swimmers and aggressive.

    do you have a reading on ammonia?

    how did you cycle your 29gallon tank?

    based on those #'s, (no nitrites or nitrates) I'm leaning towards your tank is not cycled and nitrates that high are dangerous to fish.

    So for starters while we get the above info:

    do a 50% water change, fill back up, then do another 50% water change.
    This will lower your nitrate levels to safe levels.

  6. Default

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    Sorry ment dwarf gourami and i dont knw exatcly what kind of placo and i dont have any ammonia test strips at the moment

  7. #7


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    Right, so do the water changes as I listed above to save the fish.

    You do own a dechlorinator...right? (what kind do you use)

    once you get your rainbow shark to normal health, you will have to rehome it.
    your tiger barbs will nip at your gourami.

    and i would assume you have a common pleco, which gets 1-2ft he'll have to go as well.

    so if you can rehome those 2 fish: the shark and pleco (return to LFS-or give to a friend with a bigger tank) then we can get you an awesome tiger barb tank set up.

    until then. you need to do the water changes.
    get the api master test kit (your strips are not accurate and more expensive than the other kit)
    then read up on how to cycle a tank with fish.

  8. Default

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    I use tetra aqua safe i will get tat test kit but do u knw what could be wrong with her the other fish are fine and havent acted strange...
    And like i said the tank has been up and running for three months now ( prob a little longr than that not much tho) and this is the first prob i have had i do wayer changes once a month about 25-30% and there is no agression in my tiger barbs or from my shark to the gourami
    just did first water change

  9. #9


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    That's another reason why your rainbow shark is ill.

    1: tank is not cycled: I'll repeat, please read how to cycle with fish. then let us know if you have done that to cycle your tank.cycling with fish (as you are doing now) takes upwards of 3 months. and by your water paramters, you are not complete with your cycle.

    2: you can't wait that long for water changes. it has to be a weekly thing. recommended at 50% per week.
    I personally do 50% every 3 or 4 days.

    by waiting that long for water changes, the water gets old, stale and nitrates raise to harmful levels-as you are showing right now.

    think about it. fish in the wild have constant water changes-the river flowing with new water allllll the time. and when we put them in tanks, it should mimic that to the best of our ability. hence the 50% change per week (if not more).

    there is no aggression now* but there will be. it is their natural behavior once they get settled into the tank to be mean like that. I can't tell you how many times people have posted- "they were happy and friends a few days ago" and then fish are dead because one kills the other.

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    You need to do massive water changes. Nitrates should not be over 20.

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