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  1. Default Baby Betta question

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    I have owned 3 adult male bettas before, at different times, but I recently purchased a baby at the local Petco. Baby is about 1" long. The first picture I've attached is of when I got it about 2 mos ago. The fins have grown slightly since then as seen in the second picture (number 16). Its main coloration is light tan with black horizontal striping. It only gets that beautiful blue-green tinge when it irridesces in the light. Can anyone tell me what this little one is? I don't know if it's male or female or what kind of Betta it is. Will it eventually get more color? How old is it. Anyone breed bettas regularly and have a good guess? Thanks!!!

    Little one is currently living in a 3/4 gallon tank with an airstone. I'm hoping that's big enough for now. Planning on getting something a little bigger when baby gets bigger.
    ~BabyBetta mom
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    The horizontal striping is a stress line, if I've interpreted my own bettas' stripes correctly. Looks a bit like a female betta. Is there a white spot on the underbelly just behind the ventral find, forward of the anal fin?

    But then, I could be wrong.

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    It looks as if this specimen is a Female Betta.

    The stripes you see, are without doubt, stress stripes. These occur when there is something majorly inappropriate going on with the fish in its environment.

    Here is what a Betta needs, in a nutshell. If one of these things is missing, then you have your likely culprit for the stress.

    Tank Maintained at a constant 82F degrees
    Minimum tank size 5 gallons
    Cycled filtered tank
    Plants silk or real providing plenty of overhead and spreading leaves
    Gentle flow filtration
    Low lighting
    High quality varied diet of good Betta pellets, blood worms, brine shrimp
    Well maintained ultra-clean environment, including a regular water maintenance schedule

    If one or more of these are missing from your Betta's world, you will have your answer.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

  4. Default

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    I can't really tell if there is a white spot because baby is so pale on the underside anyway. I researched stress bars, and am guessing that might be it. I just put a silk plant in the container to provide some cover. How long do stress bars take to go away once the problem is solved?
    I feed Betta flakes with freeze dried brine shrimp and sometimes some freeze dried bloodworms. I am always careful to break the food into small enough pieces for the little one to eat.
    I do partial water changes every 2/3 days and try to do a full one every week or at the most two weeks, since it is only a 3/4 gallon tank. I will try to get a bigger tank as soon as I can, but it will take saving up for a while.
    Thanks for the help!!!
    ~BabyBetta mom
    Last edited by BabyBetta mom; 11-24-2012 at 01:46 PM.

  5. Default

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    You can get a smaller tank for very little money...check on craigslist or chain pet stores or even wal mart if you have one nearby. Do you have a filter on that tank? You need one, or you have to do nearly 100% water changes once per week (or two 50%).

    Tiari knows what she's talking about. She gave you what you need and what you need to do.

    Load up on plants in that tank. If the baby is stressed, she needs places to rest. They have little betta log things at petsmart (a small ceramic log ornament) that she might like.

    I am very glad that you care about this baby enough to post here and figure out how to give her a good environment. Please give her high priority in terms of getting a bigger tank and the equipment she needs. She's a baby fish...she needs you to care for her!
    1 - 55 gallon planted community
    3 - 10 to 20 gallon planted betta tanks
    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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    a plain rectangular 10 gallon glass tank is a great home for a betta and its one of the cheapest tanks you can buy - usually 12-15$ depending on the store. Much cheaper than small "fancy" tanks they usually sell for bettas.
    300 gallon mega tank: sailfin pleco, clown loaches, silver dollars, roseline sharks, congo tetras
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    My guess would be the stress is caused by the lack of space ( 3/4 gallon is far too small), and lack of warmth. Betta are native to the Rice Paddies of Thailand, and so are a very warm water species. Cold temperatures will make them extremely susceptible to disease.

    Do not attempt to heat 3/4 of a gallon of water with a heater, whatever you do. Aquarium heaters are meant for larger tanks, and can roast a fish in no time in a small tank.

    Since I realize you are starting out, and may not have enormous funds, but wish to do the right thing, you can improve the quality of this fish's existence cheaply and effectively until such time that you can afford a better set up.

    A 5 gallon tank. These can usually be gotten at box pet stores dirt cheap, usually just a few bucks.

    A small adjustable heater

    A thermometer (to gauge water temp)

    A gentle air driven filter like the whisper ii, comes with its own air pump, and is dirt cheap. Not the,best, but it will do.

    The continued stress stripes are basically a warning sign, that things are not right for your little Betta. Though I am reluctant to ever say this, even a two gallon fish bowl would be an improvement over 3/4 gallon, as any improvement in its situation is preferable until you are able to gain better housing.

    Sadly containers sold in pet stores to home Betta are just not appropriate and inhumane, and believe me, no one here is blaming you. You likely had no idea, as unless you came to a fish forum, no one else seems to know either!
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

  8. Default

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    Thanks for the help, Tiari.
    Beth, thank you for your sweet, understanding comment too.

    I was trying to go a bit bigger than most Betta bowls. My neighbor keeps her large full grown male in about a 1 quart container, and the poor dude barely has enough room to turn around! I knew I didn't want to do that!

    I am going to try to upgrade tank size ASAP. I wish I could have run out and done it today, but it may have to wait until the end of the year. I am a college student, so that makes life interesting.

    I would really like to expand to at least a 10 gallon with live plants (like Java fern and Java moss) and add a few Neon Tetras and maybe some Cory Catfish. I did use an online calculator for that, and it checked out okay. That goal will take a while to reach, though.

    Baby is super active for now, and eating ravenously.

    My only problem is that when I put the silk plant in the container today for baby to have something to hide in, it clouded the water all up. Am trying to do frequent water changing to try to correct that. Don't know what to do with that situation. Am keeping food at a minimum so I leave Baby begging for more, but there are no scraps anywhere, so it can't be that.

    The other thing is I hadn't had any problems with tail clamping before I put the plant in, and now baby's done it several times today. Does she just need time to adjust to the plant itself? Is it the messed up water quality from the plant? Maybe both?

    I use filtered tap water, and add water conditioner to fix the chlorine, etc., and I add a little bit of aquarium salt as well. I also mix the water up and let it sit overnight before I use it, so it is at least room temperature like the water fish is in already.

    Just desperately trying to do what I can for now on my limited resources.

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    I can understand funds being an option. Here is what I would suggest.

    I am not sure if you rinsed/cleaned the plant before placing it in the environment. This could be clouding the water if you didn't do so, and since it is a silk plant, it could have been dusty.

    Since this container is non filtered, it is perfectly okay to do a 100 percent water change, and clean everything in it, including any gravel. Without a filter, there is no cycle going on in this tank, so you have no worry about upsetting any beneficial bacterial balance.

    To keep the container healthy, and your baby healthy, change out 1/3 of the water every other day, and once a week, replace ALL the water, and clean out the substrate. In a small container such as this, ammonia and detritus will build up very quickly, so frequent water changing and cleaning is a must! The clamping fins is a sure sign of ammonia in the container. It is very wise to do as you have done, and let the water reach room temperature before using it, and I suggest continuing with the same. Make sure to COVER standing water left out, so that no dust or debris falls into it.

    You can continue with this regimen until you are able to upgrade the container to a suitable tank, and it will provide a good situation for the time being. Make sure to use a water conditioner such as Prime, (we almost all use that on the boards lol), which will detoxify ammonia, and be very helpful in your situation.

    The last thing I would suggest is to get a small piece of air line tubing that can be used as a siphon. You can use this daily to remove any uneaten food or fish waste from the bottom of the container while doing your water changes.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

  10. Default

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    I just remembered that I kept my first two betta boys in a 5 gallon tank that was given to me with my first betta which was a hand-me-down. . . that was about 10 or 12 years ago, maybe. I bet that tank is still in storage at the house somewhere. I know the light fixture in the hood no longer works and the old waterfall filter burned itself up in 2005. Give me a couple of weeks 'till I can get home on break, and I'll look it up. I might even have the old siphon somewhere around. If the old tank is still sound, I might be able to scrape up enough for a filter and heater. . . we'll see.

    I did rinse that silk plant, but maybe I didn't do it well enough. I'll go rinse it more thoroughly. . . might scrub the leaves with my fingers a bit to help get any crud out.

    I keep the water that is waiting in a pitcher that has a lid, so nothing gets in there. Bought the pitcher specifically for fish care, so it has never had anything else in it.

    Thanks for all the help. We're starting to move in the right direction over here, I think! Just takes me a while to remember things. . . grrrr. :-)

    Will continue with your suggestions on the small container until I can get home and get that tank!

    ~BabyBetta mom

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