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  1. Default 65 gallon stocking help

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    (realized, finally, my last thread was in the wrong place, sorry mods T-T)

    Okay, so I recently completed the cycling of my new 65 gallon aquarium, and I am wondering how I should stock it. Right now, the aquarium contains:

    a paradise fish
    a rubber lip pleco (who happens to be invincible, but im not complaining lol)

    What I know I WANT to have:
    Banjo catfish x1

    Any suggestions, AC? by the by, I realize that paradise fish may not be the nicest fish around, but mine seems pretty mellow, but if it gets out of hand
    Im on standby to remove it if neccessary.
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

  2. #2


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    My Paradise Fish killed EVERY SINGLE thing I tried to house with it, so in the end it lived out it's days alone. Aside from fish far too large to be bothered by the Paradise you might have trouble with stocking. Mine killed fish twice it's size, as well as small schoolers.

    There are many options for a 65g tank -- I have one myself stocked with a couple of Golden Severums (trying to get a pair), a large school of Gold, Green and Regular Tiger Barbs and soon to be a couple of bristlenosed Plecs.

    If you're not getting anything particularly delicate, Tiger barbs are a great option and work well with many cichlids. Also they produce a great contrast effect in the aquarium as all the different colours of tiger barb all school together. Alternatively you could fill it with a slew of tetras (cardinals, rummy-nose, red phantom, etc) or harlequin rasbora and then some community fish like dwarf chain loaches, cories, a single angelfish or gourami, dwarf cichlids, etc, etc, etc.

  3. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    I like the idea of severums, ill have to research them a little bit though! Thanks for your response
    Research, research, research!
    ( I really should follow my own advice!)

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