It's now day 8 since I started dosing my 15Gl tank with pure ammonia. I managed to get the level of ammonia to about 3ppm and for the last couple of days the numbers have been dropping. Today I read the result as 0.5. I'm using the api liquid test kit and have double checked and asked other people's advice on the readings. The strips that I was using indicated that there was no nitrites present in my tank and I figured the strips were simply wrong, however today I tested for nitrites with an api liquid test kit and it told me the same thing. The nitrite reading for my tank is zero, but then why is the ammonia dropping? I'm very confused. My tank is relatively small and with the heater turned up so high (about 28C) it's causing a lot of condensation and the water level is quickly dropping, could that be the reason the levels are going down? Should I add some more ammonia or just wait and see what happens?

Also today I added a moss ball from an established tank, I just hope it has some magic powers