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  1. Default Zebra Danio Question

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    I'm researching stock for my first tank its going to be a 20 gallon standard planted and I'm looking at zebra danios for the main school. I've read however that they spawn a lot and I don't have the means to breed. If I leave the fry alone do the adults just eat them?

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    Depending on the amount of decorations, the adults will eat virtually all fry. However, fry also have a will to survive and occasionally there will be one particular smart and fast one that does make it to adulthood. However, the amount of "particularly smart and fast" fry is really small and it would just be like adding a new danio every couple of months. No real big deal.

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    If you have a choice of tank, I would go with a 20gal long because danios need a lot of swimming space, hence length of tank is important for them.

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    I've kept zebra danios for almost three years now and I have not once had a fry survive to adulthood - and that's in a densely planted tank with many nooks and crannies to hide in. They eat their own eggs immediately after spawning them, and they eat any fry that do hatch. Zebra danios are very easy to breed if you want to set up a spawning tank, but otherwise they effectively do not breed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andreahp
    If you have a choice of tank, I would go with a 20gal long because danios need a lot of swimming space, hence length of tank is important for them.
    I don't plus I already have it set up and cycling. Should I look for another species to stock?

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    I would - danios may be hardy fish but they don't stay very small (mine grew to 2" each), chase each other all over the tank, bother other fish if there aren't enough of them - you get the idea.

    If this were my tank and I wanted a "main group" I'd stick with a smaller colorful tetra or cherry barbs.

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    if you are looking for something that is as tough as danios
    but lacks the hyperactivity, try white cloud mountain minnows. all
    my white clouds do is hang around motionless looking pretty, and they
    are way tougher than any tetra.

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    There's a couple of hardy tetra's that are attractive and tough you could try. One is the Bloodfin and the other is the Pristilla.
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    I agree with andrea. Danio's are nuts and constantly chase females. I have never heard of anyone having fry. They may be small but not suitable to small tanks with the speed of their swimming and the constant chase.

    I would go with something more mild and not so nutty. Glowlight tetra, harlequin rasbora, cardinals or neons, etc. You should cycle your tank before adding fish, as well, or will have to use extreme caution, test daily and do a lot of water changes.

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    I've kept z-danios for years without any fry; my guppies are another story
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