Can someone please critique my proposed method for cycling? Here is my thoughts:

The water I am using is RODI water, nothing but straight H20 for my tanks. I am planning on adding a conditioner to the water, Stress Coat, most likely. Would that be enough to bring the water back up to adequate mineral level? My well water is pretty hard and the pH is higher than I would like (about 7.9). So I would like to use as much RODI water as I can, to keep the pH level down around 7.0. Should I put some of my water into it as well? also, I plan on using API Stress Coat Conditioner as well. I plan on using First Layer Laterite on the bottom and then pea sized gravel on top as substrate.

I would like to use some fish flakes to start the ammonia up. Then after about a day or so, I would like to add API Stress Zyme, a beneficial bacteria, to increase biological bacteria in the tank.

For my filter, I have an API Filstar XP3 with a level of filter floss, one of carbon, one of Fluval ClearMax (a nitrate, nitrite, and phosphate remover, I will add this after the cycle) and API BioChem Stars (a porous media for biological filtration).

I won't do a water change until the cycle is complete, having all of the nitrites and ammonia gone.

Also, I would like to add natural Aquarium safe driftwood, maybe a few natural aquarium safe rocks and plants. Should I add the decorations now? Should I wait to add the plants?

Is this good? Should I do anything else?