I am getting a new tank soon well actualy first tank and it will be 365.63 Liters (I think that is 80 US Gallons).I will already be getting 6 anglefish. I am pretty sure that there will be enough free space for them. And wanted to also get some Plecos either 2 (I want 4 but I am not to sure if there will be enough space for that). So I do not know what specias to get since I know some can grow 80cm big. I was considering these pleco so far.
) Clown Pleco \ I know they small but I think a little to small for my liking.
) Candy Striped Pleco \ Not to sure since they do not eat much algae.
) Bristelnose Pleco \ Most fond of this one. Nice size and enjoys algae.
) Leopard Pleco \ Do not know much besides my friend has got one and his tank is only half mine (Yes i did asck him about it and he said that it looked cool so he bought it and if it grows to big he will just give it back)

So yea thats it what would be the best Pleco for me to get is there perhaps another one that I did not mention and i will really like.