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    Default how many is too many in 20l

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    so the question is many can we fix nicely in a 20l? It has 2 paty, 2 cardinal tetra "soon 5 more in qt tank", 1 oto catfish, 3 shrimp. two filters hob aquaclear 30, aquatech 5-15. this tank is three weeks old we moved the aquatech filter and half the old gravel to the new tank. tested the water today PH 7.6, Ammonia 0, n2 0, n3 5 ppm, kh 196.9ppm. and a water temp of 78-80 degF. this is to ask for info and see if i am missing anything. O and also want to add more shrimp.
    also my daughter picked out this avatar.
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    You have two filters on a 5 gallon tank? I would keep no more than a school of cardinals and a few shrimp in there.

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    this always comes up when someone says "20L". Do you mean 20 liters (about five gallons), or a "20 gallon long tank"?
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    Default clarification

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    to make this better started with 5 gal 7 months ago. up graded to 20 gal long 3 weeks ago. and thought it would be best to give all info i could but I did not do it clearly. oops
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    Considering you live in TX I figured it was a 20 long LOL

    I think you could put more otos in there because they like company. At that point I think you'd be stocked.
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    thanks Andreahp . will add 2 more otos next week after the cardinals move out of the qt tank.
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  7. Default

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    In short, when you can't control your water parameters any further and or it just visually looks too crowded in there. To many variables for anyone here to give you a number. Look at the following thread by fishguy2727 and I think you can answer your own question regarding how many is to much.
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    darn, you know I did read that and promptly forget it by morning. Lol those threads at the top in red usually have good info if we remember them.
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    I nearly died when I thought that said 20 LITRES, that's smaller that my Betta's tank!

    I would stick with 2 Platys, hopefully they are both the same gender or you will be overrun in no time. 8-ish Cardinals, 2-3 Ottos and the shrimp.

    With the ottos just be aware that they need a lot of greens to survive. Mine died because they ran out of algae and wouldn't eat prepared foods, fussy little sods. You have shrimp in there eating algae too so you'll have to supplement quite a bit.

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    ameliaaahx, I don't know if the platys are same sex. Friday night picked up two Ottos and they went to qt and the cardinals went to main tank. no stress with the move. it is very nice to see 7 cardinals swimming around. and yes to supplement algae wafers.
    Fishes go "pook pook"
    my spell check went on vaction.
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