As some may know i had a rough start with this tank but now after 2 months of cycling the tank is finally stocked and stable. This is going to be my journey for you to follow if you want i will take vids of the tank as they grow and new additions are made as well some pics if i can get good quality ones of some of my fish showing off their colors. I may also have questions to ask if/when problems occur so feel free to put your input in. Thanks for checking the tank out.

Tank : 110g Glass Aquarium
Filtration : Fluval FX5 Canister Filter & AC 110 HOB Filter
Lighting : Odyssea 60" T5 Fixture
Heater : 400w Marineland Heater
Background : Painted Black
Substrate : 100lbs of Pool Filter Sand
Rocks : 4 Boulders ( Three River Rock( Argillite stone was formed in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho))

Stock ALL MALE( Forgot some of the names )
2 OB Peacock
2 Deep Water Hap
2 Venustus
1 Red Fin Borelyi
1 Blue Dolphin
1 Yellow Sunshine
1 Strawberry Peacock
1 OtterPoint Peacock?
1 Electric Blue Hap

Excuse me on the stock im still figuring out what i have for sure butif you can ID any in the Vid feel free to reply.

Here is my first Vid of the tank Enjoy.