Howdy AC'ers,

I give my GN Pleco a cut up piece of raw potato on about a weekly basis. I cut it into a 1" square about a 1/4" thick. Most of the time it's gone by the time I wake up, but once in a while I notice it goes untouched. I like the potato b/c it sinks to the substrate right away, and I put it in at night with the tank lights out. The few times that my pleco decided he's not into the potato it eventually floats up to the surface and my Angels start picking at it.

First, I'm wondering if the potato is ok for the Angels? I have scooped it out in the past not being totally sure if it's something they should be eating.

Secondly, what other foods does everyone's pleco's seem to enjoy most? Mine loves the Mopani driftwood in my tank, and the sinking Algae wafers, I know not all pleco's are vegetarians and want mine to be eating the complete diet that he needs to thrive. I'm basically looking for advice on other things you've all had success with in the past. All comments are welcome, especially from anyone who has this particular species of pleco.

Thanks in advance, Chris...