I've been doing a lot of research in the past two days on them ever since I seen one at petsmart. I know the different between the African bush fish and the African spotted leaf fish. Bush fish are smaller in size, 2 " correct? Or is it 4"? And the spotted leaves are bigger getting about 5 or 6"?
My main question is can I house one in a 22 cube NPT if he is the only fish? Is probably throw in some ghost shrimp and Guppies.for.him to nom on and I have an apple snail in there at the moment but. I might.move him if it would be.too crowded.
Please.give me.some more.info and opinions are appreciated.

The dimensions are
16 x16" wide
20 tall.
I can take a picture if tall need one but there are some modifications I need to make.
I plan on getting more plants like jungle Val and another amazon sword. Right now I have one amazon sword two aponogetons a wendtii crypt wisteria and a water lily.
Let me know if tall think it will work! Thanks!