alright my first crowntail i got when it was a baby, I mean i didnt really even know the sex of it. So he started out in a 1.8 gallon, grew up and went to a 4 gallon cube, so he was alway was happy, but about 6 months ago i got my king plakat, assume it just a normal plakat, anyway i moved slayer into a gallon again, he was super happy moving around. well he only stayed in that tank for a month. then i got him a 5. SO with the new betta, from other thread i switched him up again. He loves that gallon tank. I bought a cheap tetra halfmoon just for led lamp. So i put him in the tank. he moves makes bubble nest seem so happy, 10x happy as he was in his big tank. So does he like the tiny tank. I hope this post is not hard to follow. I already have the bowlfront 3.5( i thought it was 3). In a nut shell; i have noticed the betta is 10 times happier in the small tank. Why?