The lady at the pet store told me that Honey Gourami were very good schooling fish and weren't at all aggressive. Boy, was she wrong! My Honey Gourami has not eaten anything but algae off the tank walls for a whole week. She had a huge stress stripe for a few days, and then the deaths began. First, one of my Zebra Danio was swimming oddly, and when I looked closer, His tail was white and ripped to shreds! I thought it was a disease, but I wasn't sure. I had to put him down. Next day, I was doing a head count, when one of my white clouds turned up missing. He was floating in the corner, his stomach spotted with blood. Next day, Two more white clouds gone. Dead, in front of my Gourami, tails criss-crossed over each other. I quickly isolated the Gourami. She still isn't eating, but is very active. Should I bring her back to the store?