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  1. Red face Peaceypeas 75g Cichlid Journal

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    This is a rough little post until i get new pictures of my tank in its current stage, but seeing my tank building progress has been neat over the past few months. I've really gotten into it.

    Ill update my list of cichlids but right now i have around 30 thriving fish.

    my jack dempsey!

    while i was building my tank

    early shot of my tank

    closest to what it looks like today, and yes my dog loves my fish.

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    Nice setup. Nice dog. It always cool when you can share your hobby with others in the family lol.
    Roll the Dice!

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    Your tank looks good. However, it isnt recommended to mix African and new world cichlids. I would recommend going with one or the other. Otherwise looks awesome:)
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    i love the pictures of your tank and fish...i do hope your dog wasn't doing what i thought it looked like he was doing in his first picture.

    Glad he loves the fish though and gets along with them. he's also very he part golden retriever?

    20 gal tall - Helios - HM Betta Male, 1 rasbora het, 2 rummy tetras, 1 glowlight tetra, 1 additional tetra, 1 zebra nerite, 10-15 cherry shrimp, Java Moss and crypto planted tank w/ Driftwood and Spider Wood


  5. Default

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    its my pound puppy, Effie Oso, shes part husky part lab we think? just under50lbs so shes the perfect size. she thinks the tanks are hers, tries to eat the fish from infront of the glass and lays down and watches them until she falls asleep.... lol, shes great.

  6. Default

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    and im working on sorting out my mix of fish, just waiting on a good priced tank setup to come along, maybe for christmas *hint hint*

    i just set up a 10g lol, i had an old filter not being used and my tadpole is all grown up now so i splurged, got a 10g tank, some white sand, and 2 convict cichlids... i really need to get back to school so this hobby doesnt turn into something worse

  7. Default

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    Great pics, thanks for sharing! Your dog reminds me of my son. He loves watching the fish.

    Sometimes, however, he gets too enthusiastic and freaks out my Silver Dollars.

    The Rainbows love him.
    Livestreaming my 220 Gallon Aquarium
    5.5 M Betta
    10 Pea Puffers
    20 Harlequins, Neons, Platies, Guppies, Cories, Nerite Snails
    55 Silver Dollars, Pearl Gourami, Hillstream Loach, Mollies, Serpae Tetras, African Dwarf Frog, Leopard Bush Fish, Bleeding Heart Tetras, Chocolate Talking Cat, Banjo Cat
    55 Red, Blue, Boesemani Rainbows, Zebra Dainos, Zebra Loaches, Platies, Moonlight Gourami, Bristlenose Pleco
    35 Red Tailed Shark, Amazon Puffers
    220 Black Skirt, Lemon Tetras and Bala Sharks

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