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  1. Exclamation Aggressive Honey Gourami?

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    The lady at the pet store told me that Honey Gourami were very good schooling fish and weren't at all aggressive. Boy, was she wrong! My Honey Gourami has not eaten anything but algae off the tank walls for a whole week. She had a huge stress stripe for a few days, and then the deaths began. First, one of my Zebra Danio was swimming oddly, and when I looked closer, His tail was white and ripped to shreds! I thought it was a disease, but I wasn't sure. I had to put him down. Next day, I was doing a head count, when one of my white clouds turned up missing. He was floating in the corner, his stomach spotted with blood. Next day, Two more white clouds gone. Dead, in front of my Gourami, tails criss-crossed over each other. I quickly isolated the Gourami. She still isn't eating, but is very active. Should I bring her back to the store?

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    One thing gouramis aren't, it's schooling fish. They have a real reputation for nastiness and can terrorise unsuitable tank mates or anything where it's not kept in the right conditions.

    What size tank do you have?

    What are the other fish in the tank (and how many)?


    Maintenance routine?

  3. Default

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    Filter: I cant remember the name...
    Fish: 2 Julii Corys, 5 Zebra Danio, 3 white clouds.
    Maintenance routine: Scrub algae every two days, change water every week, and vaccume once or twice a month.( I know, lazy on my part for vacuuming)
    Tank size: 20 gal

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    Filtration? If you can't remember the name can you go check?

    How much water do you change each week? You should vac the gravel every week.

    Is your tank cycled?

    Do you have liquid test kits?

    I'd take the gourami back to the LFS.

    I notice you've started another thread almost identical to this one?

  5. Default

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    Sorry Filtration is HOB(hangs on back), and I do 20 percent water change, yes I have liquid test kits everything is in balance except water hardness, I have hard water so I bought water softener havn't used it yet, and I started another thread identical to this one? Probably because I just got started lol I'm just trying to get more experience on here :) thanks

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    I wouldn't try to change your water hardness if you are a novice. It's just asking for trouble and is unnecessary if you just stick to fish that can live in your tap water type.

    Is your tank cycled?

    Do you know what brand of HOB you have and what tank size it is rated for?

    What are the readings from your last set of liquid tests?

    Sorry for all the questions, it's very hard to help without this information.

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