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Thread: Ram tank update

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    Default Ram tank update

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    Its been 4 months since I started my Ram tank and thought I'd share my progress. The tank is a 20 long with an Aquaflow 300 filter with the addition of Purigen and nitrate remover to the sponge and Aquaflow medium. I have a sponge unit covering the intake tube for additional bacteria growth. Tank is planted with Java Fern on an old piece of cactus, Anubius, and Anacharas. Light is a Marineland LED. Strata is a fine grained black gravel. I use Flourish every two weeks 1/2 the recommended dose.
    Cycle was accomplished using Lady Hobbs ammonia method. Took a long time because I used too much Ammonia to start but with the Lady's help eventually everything stabilized (6 weeks).Once Ammonia and Nitrites were at zero I added 5 Danios then after 2 weeks 5 more Danios. Happy, happy fish. Ordered 4 Rams - 2 gold, a German Blue, and an Electric Blue. Excellent mail order company specializing in Rams and if you're interested Email me and I'll give you their contact info. Fish arrived in fine condition with 1 extra GBR.
    Tank is beautiful with glass clear water and fully stabilized levels. I change water at a 35% rate twice weekly. Feed once a day alternating Omega One color flake with Spectrum flake with garlic. Every Sunday I give them a treat with live - enhanced brine shrimp (their own special communion).
    The tank works now because the Rams are Juvenal but I've got a 30 gallon cycling for three of them when my testing shows the ammonia levels starting to rise. I'll probably add 2 Angels or 2 Discus to that new tank as well but I'll look to this forum for advice.
    Just wanted to share 'cause I'm so excited to be back into the hobby.

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    Congrats. sounds like the set up is going well.

    you know you have to post pictures now. lol we must see the tank!

    (not to side track your progress, but your future 30gallon...don't do the angles or discus in that tank. they won't fit in that tank. angels pick their mates when they pair up-and you cannot force it. A pretty tank would be 20 neons and cockatoo or krib cichlid)

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    Default thanks

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    That's why I look to this forum for guidance. Will Kribs have a problem with the 3 Rams? A few years back, when I had a fish room, I kept a 40 gallon with 4 Rams, 20 Cardinals, and a gorgeous crimson Betta. I had a 5 gallon ready for the Betta if there was trouble brewing but that tank survived for over 2 years.With Bettas you can never tell.
    Thanks for the reply...I'm the only one into fish around here and have no one else but the channel members to "blab"about my little swimmers.

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    Not a problem.

    glad we are able to help.

    and my apologies, I didn't read your post correctly. If you are using the 30gallon for the 3 rams, then i wouldn't add anything else but some schooling fish to fill in the upper area's of the tank.
    (pretty much set it up like your old 40gallon-sounded like a pretty looking tank)

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