Ok this is to the experts. I have a 20 gallon tank without fish. It's a start over. First I'm not sure what my first concern should be before I get more fish. When I visit Petsmart I get different responses each time I go. Therefore, I'm hoping to get solid help from someone here in tis forum.

What should I do first? My water seems really warm. What settings should my heater have? My water has evaporated. Should I do a water change while there isn't fish? Should I just simply add water?

What type of fish should I get as a beginner for the thousandth time beginner? I want fish large enough to see from a distance. I tried the tiny ones and they weren't fun to watch.

Should I buy a kit and test my own water? Pet Smart always encourage me to let them check it. If I had a kit at home perhaps it would help me to respond to my tanks need more often, I guess.

Your help appreciated in advance.