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    Default New Gourami not settling in...

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    Hey folks.

    So I purchased a dwarf gourami 4 days ago and he hasn't seem to have settled in yet. The only other inhabitant in the tank is an oto who is chunky and very active :)

    The gourami rarely goes to the surface and has been really tricky to feed. He grazes/scavenges the bottom all day like he is ravenous. I do feed the oto sinking algae wafers and the gourami will flare his fins and peck at the oto and then goes to town on the algae wafer. I've tried putting a few smaller pieces of the wafer on the bottom in different spots but I worry about the aggression towards the oto. I have no problem bringing the fish back and just getting some more otos since they are shoaling fish.. but was wondering what else I could try.

    I have tried floating pellets, which are ignored, since he rarely goes to the surface and hangs out at the bottom of the tank.. I was thinking some other type of sinking pellet.. but I don't want to go crazy over this fish if he is going to be aggressive and attack my little dude.

    I checked the water parameters last night and they were .25ppm/1ppm/10ppm and did a partial water change. I went from 1 to 2 fish, and the gourmani is much dirtier than the oto so the tank seems to be compensating but I do check the water every evening. It's a 6gal fyi.

    Sorry for the long post, but I am new to this, the oto being my first and so far favorite little fishy and I am a bit aggravated at my 'mean' new fish. Should I just wait it out for a week or so or just bring the guy back and get 2 more otos? Thanks for the input and be gracious.. I want to do this right, but I am a newbie. Thanks!

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    first and foremost-a gourami will never settle in a tank that small.
    you are at best to fit 1 betta in there and that is it.

    the behavior that you are seeing is the gourami feeling to cramped in. he literally had nowhere to swim.

    you have to return him. i'm sorry to be so frank, but it is cruel to keep him in there.

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    +1 to the tank being a bit too small (though I wouldn't say it was critically small, a dwarf gourami isn't that much messier than a betta - but a 10 gallon would probably be better for those two).

    Your gourami is not going to be comfortable right now since your tank is clearly going through a mini-cycle if you are getting ammonia and nitrite readings. Any amount of ammonia and nitrite are toxic and damaging/irritating to your fish, so make sure you keep up frequent small water changes to keep them safe.

    Another point is, you only had him 4 days. My platinum gourami took about 2 months to start eating from the top of the water, they can be ridiculously shy when you put them in a new tank. Adding some floating plants might help bring your gourami out of hiding, having something between them and the light makes them feel more secure.

    I use New Life Spectrum H2O stable disks - they are sinking tablets that don't swell up or fall apart in the water. My gourami goes mad for them.

    Edit: if you are worried about aggression now, you should probably return the gourami - he will likely get more aggressive as he settles in and feels "at home". They can be super territorial little things, especially in cramped quarters...
    Last edited by dizzydezzy; 11-25-2012 at 11:11 PM.

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    I agree with the above post.

    But to address the point of the fish being messy that may be true between the betta and a gourami, but the activity level of the fish are vastly different.

    I had a dwarf gourami in my 45 (removed due to aggression) and he needed all 3ft of the tank to move around and get his exercise. i couldn't imagine him in anything less than a tank 3ft long...let alone a 6inch wide tank...

    he will get angry if he doesn't get his space and gourami's can and will destroy other fish...very quickly too.

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    Your tank honestly is best suited for a single Betta. Only thing I personally would put in a 6gal. just my .02
    55 Gal- Fluval 305 & Aqua Clear 70;
    2 Gold Veil Angels, 1 GBR, 1 Gold Nugget Pleco, and 11 pesky Zebra Danio's.

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    Exclamation Get stock appropriate for your tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Dub
    Your tank honestly is best suited for a single Betta. Only thing I personally would put in a 6gal. just my .02
    +1 except when my 6g tank was up.. it only had shrimp [I don't care for betta].
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    Well thank you all for your comments and input. I will bring little blue back tomorrow or Tuesday depending on my schedule. Once my water parameters are stable again I will look into what to add to the tank. Thanks again, a bit bummed about things not working out, but both the oto and blue's health are more important.

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