If you read my earlier thread, i had some peppered corydoras which passed away rather suddenly due to some kind of bacterial issue. The symptoms of the first cories to get sick were lethargy, sitting at the bottom of the tank with whitish spots forming at base of fins and fin erosion.

This new case, so far, is only affecting one fish, but it is another peppered cory. The only potential similarity is the posterior dorsal fin is missing, but no white discoloration and the whole fin is gone, like it was bitten off, and no other damage to other fins. Also the right pectoral fin is paralyzed, and the fish is spending a lot of time at the top of the tank, swimming rather erratically. Also the area around the gil slit and the pectoral fins on both sides is very enflamed with pinkish reddish color. That same reddish blood color extends down the body in what looks like bruising, down the bottom belly of the length of the fish. I have tried to take about 20 pictures and I have not captured much.

I will not be replacing any corydoras after this one, but I am very curious as to the diagnosis. I will continue to try and take photos and post if I get any good shots.