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  1. Unhappy NEED HELP on SEVERE Fin Damage on my Goldie

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    Hey Everybody! I need advice for my little goldie here. I just discovered that my goldie's fins have been nipped by the other fish :'( What should i do? I don't have any quarantine tanks Will the fins grow back? How possible is it? Pls. help me

    Here's his/her condition:
    Pectoral Fins: Severely Damaged (i think he/she has any pectoral fins anymore)
    Caudal Fin: Damaged
    Pelvic Fins: Good Condition
    Dorsal Fins: Good Condition

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    What other fish are we talking about and how many of each?
    How large is your tank?
    Do you test your water parameters and what were the latest readings?

  3. Default

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    1. Tiger Barbs
    2. 70 gallons
    3. I dont have any parameter readers. but, i do a 20% water change a week

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeGusta_Fish
    1. Danios
    2. 70 gallons
    3. I dont have any parameter readers. but, i do a 20% water change a week
    How many danios? They are fast, active swimmers and a slower moving goldfish is a nice target for their fun.

    It's not a good idea to have a tank that size (or any size for that matter) without knowing your water parameters - how long has this tank been running?

    Do you own a test kit? Goldfish produce a lot of waste - I would be changing more than 20% a week personally - more like 50%

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    6 danios. Its been running for a month now. yes i own a test kit.

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    Do you think this happened overnight? Do you know for sure the goldfish was attacked or could the goldfish have fin rot from poor water parameters?

    It would help if you could test your water and post the parameters: ammonia, nitrites & nitrates (exact readings - not "the readings are fine") - your tank is in the middle of cycling so we don't know how high your ammonia is. When a tank is cycling, it's even more important to know your parameters so you know how often you have to change your water and how much at a time.

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    I'm confused. Why does the post say "tiger barbs" but the quote of that post say "danios"?
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    Brhino - I see why you're confused - the OP confirmed there are danios in the tank in post #5 along with the goldfish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brhino
    I'm confused. Why does the post say "tiger barbs" but the quote of that post say "danios"?

    Op can you please list the full stock in your tank once more? Some pics would go far to help us to determine the extent and causes of the damage also.
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    Not sure how Tiger Barbs can be confused with danio's. They don't look the same, act the same, the same color, the same species.

    Goldfish are coldwater fish and the others are warm water fish and they don't belong together anyway. And if they "are" Tiger Barbs, they really don't go together. If they continue to rip at his fins, I don't know how they will get a chance to grow back. That's what makes me think these are Barbs?

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