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    Default 2 relatively common problems

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    Okay, I have a few problems that are mostly solvable, but I gotta make sure:
    1. Weird algae. I would have waited this one out, but its been a month or 2, and I don't seem to get what it is. Imagine diatoms, but its white and if you scrape it away it instantaneously rebounds. Its only in one place, which just so happens to be the center of the front glass of the tank(of course.)

    2. MTS. I hate these guys now and they are overtaking my tank.
    Would Yoyo loaches work in a 160-something(about 166) gallon tank with an Angelfish, 15 rummynose, 2 Pearl gouramis, 3 GBRs, plants, 10 bosemani rainbowfish(young ones, 3 inches) among other peaceful fish?
    Just making sure.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or other wise words!
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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    Not sure about problem 1. But problem 2 could be helped with assassin snails. They are very slow breeders so shouldn't replace one problem with another. I've had two in my tank for a year and there are only a handful of babies now.

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    Its hard to say about the algae without seeing it, but at a guess I would say that you prob have some light hitting that part of the tank from somewhere. You would be surprised how far daylight can affect it. On one of my tanks its in the corner of a room and the only two windows are either across the entire room with high trees right outside it, or directly next to it on the wall its on. Neither of these look like they would allow direct light to hit, but i have rows of algae on that tank that perfectly match the blinds on both those windows. Look around the room and try and see if you can figure out where the direct light is coming from. A mirror maybe? Or reflecting off something else.

    As far as the MTS, Clea Helena will work ok. They will help the problem but they cant solve it by themselves. Also if you get them make sure you get actual Helena. There are quite a few related varieties that look exactly the same, but they do not hunt in the same way, and some of them breed too much. The other varieties are more colorful than actual Helena. Real Helena the yellow is kind of dim. It isnt bright bright gold. When in doubt always check the latin name.

    Personally I would go with Zebra Loach (Striated Botia). They dont get as big as clowns, IMO they are beautiful especially if you can get some with the strange puzzle piece patterns instead of straight lines, and mine seem to decimate MTS populations so fast its hard sometimes to feed my Helena. YoYos would prob be fine in that tank but there are two kinds commonly sold as yoyos. Make sure you get the smaller ones, not the ones usually marked Lohachata Botia. They can get big.

    Even tho I did it, I would prob not recommend getting both the assassins and the loach. I am going to have to do something about mine pretty soon here, because the loach will eventually decide there is no difference between the whelks and a common snail. I ended up that way because I had to move the loaches into the tank with the assassins as an emergency fix for a bad situation, and I've been looking for somewhere else to move the Helena ever since. You might get away with it for a good while like I have, but it makes me nervous.
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    I already have a handful or 2 assassin snails. Should I add more?

    + how do I get the shells out of the tank?!

    About that daylight thing you are probably correct, during 2-3 PM daylight hits the tank..... And its only done that since the algae started. Too bad theres no solution to that. I'll try to snap a pic soon.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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    Yo Yo's usualy start out fine than as they get bigger they get more territorial and aggresive.

    Nephalem gives good advice on the Zebra Loach or if you can afford them and find them get dwarf CHain Loach's.
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    Just wondering, cause I don't want to make a separate topic:
    How do you get rid of the shells the assassins leave behind? they are driving me nuts.
    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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    Vacuum them up.
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    I am not aware of any algae that is white; however, some types of bacteria does form a 'white' film and needs to be wiped off the tank glass - a common problem with discus since they shed so much mucus and bacteria will consume that forming a layer on the glass. Use a towel to clean it off the glass once a week and that will keep it in check. Really, as long as fish are in the tank, this can occur.
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