I woke up this morning to find my beautiful emperor pleco dead. I have no idea what could have happened.
I've had him for 2 months, he's seemed healthy, eating algae like crazy, always made Zucchini available.
Tested water immediately this morning. Ammonia: trace which I suspect is due to the dead pleco. Nitrites 0. Nitrates 5. Ph 7

I'm starting to think he was actually dead all day yesterday. He had moved from his usual upside down position on a rock or munching on algae and was lying on the bottom of the tank. I was happy to see some new behavior - guess he was either dead already or dying.

The ONLY thing I can think of was that last Saturday I took out all the rocks and plants and soaked them in a 10% bleach and 90% water solution to remove a lot of nasty diatoms. But I thoroughly rinsed each rock and plant then soaked them in tap water mixed with a quadruple strength dose of Prime for at least 20 minutes before replacing the items back in the tank.

Please tell me that's not what killed him. I can't believe he starved because he was mowing paths through the lush green algae on the driftwood.

The only other change in the tank was I added a small royal pleco and 3 apple snails 3 days ago. The royal has pretty much been hanging on the glass or the HOB intake tube since I got it.

Any thoughts on what might have happened? I'm broken hearted over losing him.