My friend at work had to get rid of a guinea pig and my sister's neighbor wanted it, so i have to be the middle man to get it from here the whole way to them. My friend brought him in car to work yesterday an hour before i left (we are opposite shifts) and put him in my car for me so when i left i was all set. Today i take him to his new home. But while i had him i had to test everything to make sure he was suitable for a home with children.

Doesnt bite? Check. Healthy? He has severe hair loss but im told its from using newspaper shreddings instead of cedar. Otherwise, check! He is active but will stay still if hes in a lap? Check. Potty trained? Surprisingly check. He didnt go the whole hour i had him out this morning but ran to his corner when i put him back. He also is relatively still when picking him up/putting him down, so i think hes pretty much good to go!

Here's some pics i took of him during his short stay with me:

He only came with a 10gal tank! O.O So i had put him in here so he had more room. I later filled it with all his cedar. I didnt want to waste it but i was told they have some so its all good so now its bedded down.

My cat loves him. They are buds. Pigs are friends, not food! The dog doesnt understand this...

I couldnt resist the opportunity to have piggy back rides. XD