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    Default Is my filtration sufficient and my tank over stocked?

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    I have a 200L freshwater tank and i currently have a 180L P/H submersable pump attached to a bio filter filled with ceramic rings and standard 180L P/H waterfall pump with filter. is this enough filtration for my tank?

    then also, in my tank I have the following:
    4 x 4cm swordtails
    2 x 4cm black mollies
    1 x 17cm pleco
    3 x 5cm Angel fish
    6 x 1.5cm neon tetras
    5 x 3cm white skirt tetras
    2 x 1.5cm black neon tetras
    1 x 12cm yellow synodontis
    4 x 2.5cm Clown loaches
    2 x 4cm iridescent sharks

    is my tank over stocked?

    I am busy building a 1500L tank for the pleco, loaches and sharks but I thought it be best if I start off small to get the hang of things.

    Please advise and any criticism welcome, I would really like to do things right and if I am heading down the wrong path, I would like to know now before I do any damage...

    Thank you in advance.

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    you are right at the tipping point of overstocked.

    However, you are incorrectly stocking your fish.
    and slightly under filtered (min should be 2x your tank size)

    first and foremost. your 1500L won't work for your sharks. those get up to 4ft long...
    the loaches will need a tank that size-you are lucky they grow slowly.
    but you really need that other tank. b/c your fish are getting too big for your 200L. the sharks have to go though. Gotta return those

    but your fish are not in the correct #'s.
    the angel fish will start to eat your neons soon enough
    the angel fish will soon start to attack one another.

    is this tank cycled?

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    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Please know that I am taking your advice to heart. What is the correct numbers for my fish and the correct size for the sharks... I want to know because my lfs is 300km away... But ordering glass and equipment is easy. Can I keep the sharks for say 8months in that tank, because I am busy building my house and when it is done, I will have ample space!

    How would I prevent my angels from fighting?

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    Your tank is a mess. Iridescent sharks grow to 4 ft and do not belong in that tank. (They are really not sharks but giant catfish.) Clown loaches also grow large and very bulky fish and belong in much larger tanks than you have. If that is a common pleco, he will also grow "at least" to one foot.

    5 angels can not be kept together in any tank that size not due to size but due to aggression. (I kept one in my tank larger than yours.) They can only be kept as singles or a mated pair.

    I certainly hope you are building a much larger tank but frankly you should not get the fish until have had the tank for them. Too many things can happen to mess up with our plans.

    oops.....just read mizz post. Didn't mean to repeat!
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 11-16-2012 at 12:02 PM.

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    Lady Hobbs, I know and i am truelly sorry, thats why i came to this forum for advice... i have 3 angels not 5, but that is still too many, so i am in a flurry to build a bigger tank... but it has to be transportable and i live on a horrible gravel road, so when moving i need to know that the glass wont vibrate into shards! would a 500L be acceptable for whta i have now at this moment? i know it wont b for the sharks, but as soon as i moved into my house when it is completed i will go much bigger than only 1500L thats why i want to know the dimentions for a pangasius tank.. will still build the 1500L for the loaches and the pleco. but tha is also on hold for a bit..

    Thank you for the advise, it is much appreciated

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