I have a 200L freshwater tank and i currently have a 180L P/H submersable pump attached to a bio filter filled with ceramic rings and standard 180L P/H waterfall pump with filter. is this enough filtration for my tank?

then also, in my tank I have the following:
4 x 4cm swordtails
2 x 4cm black mollies
1 x 17cm pleco
3 x 5cm Angel fish
6 x 1.5cm neon tetras
5 x 3cm white skirt tetras
2 x 1.5cm black neon tetras
1 x 12cm yellow synodontis
4 x 2.5cm Clown loaches
2 x 4cm iridescent sharks

is my tank over stocked?

I am busy building a 1500L tank for the pleco, loaches and sharks but I thought it be best if I start off small to get the hang of things.

Please advise and any criticism welcome, I would really like to do things right and if I am heading down the wrong path, I would like to know now before I do any damage...

Thank you in advance.