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  1. Default Quick Filtration question

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    I know this question, and the answer may be more complicated than yes or no, but in general, should a fluval 306 be adequate for a 40 gallon breeder?

    I was originally going for the marineland 27 gallon cube (which based on their dimensions, is actually about 31 gallons) but I think I may upgrade to a 40 breeder, as the space it's going in will fit that tank BEAUTIFULLY!

    The tank will be planted, and be fairly moderately stocked, I don't intend to overstock like crazy, but I am pretty sure the 306 has already been purchased for me as a gift, so I figure if it'll work I'll keep it, but if need be, I can take it back and upgrade to a 406.

    What do you think?


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    I might add a HoB filter to that, like an aquaclear 50 or 70. Never hurts to overfliter and it's very nice to have two filters going on one tank for a variety of reasons. I have two filters now on every tank I have bigger than a 10 gallon.
    300 gallon mega tank: sailfin pleco, clown loaches, silver dollars, roseline sharks, congo tetras, new world cichlids
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    I agree with brhino, and would recommend and ac50 as 40g's are kinda short if I'm not mistaken. The ac70 would probably dig up your substrate with it's heavier flow.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

  4. Default

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    Hmmm. I'm actually trying to avoid HOB stuff as much as possible. I want as little visible equipment as I can get for this tank. I don't even like that the canister had to come over the back lol.

    Any way to avoid having the canister and an HOB? I of course want max functionality, but minimal equipment showing.

    The 40 Breeder is 36" long x 18" wide x 16" high, or at least something very close to that. Instead of 2 filters, could I go up to a single fluval 406?


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    I would think the 306 would be fine in a tank only 36" in length. Like you say, it is not going to be massively overstocked.

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    Yeah I was thinking a standard 40. Should have read more closely:p
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    I think the 306 would be fine as long as the tank is lightly to moderately stocked. Even so, I second the idea that two filters are better than one. If you up the stock, you deff need a second filter.

  8. Default

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    As long are your ammonia=nitrites=0, then that fluval 306 is fine.

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    If you use a substrate of any type, plant, ornaments, rocks, etc. your tank does not hold 31 gallons of water setup. Gravel or sand you figure one to one and a half pounds of either per gallon of water in tank capacity. Using gravel as an example, you would have 31 lbs. of gravel minimum in a 31 gallon tank. This all takes up space the water cannot enter. A decently-planted tank with a few rocks and correct substrate can cut capacity by almost 20%. Everything and anything you put into the tank cuts capacity.

    So, your 31 gallon tank is now a 24.8 gallon tank at worst case and about 26.5 gallons at best. People need to remember this when planning stocking levels and filtration.

    I do agree with the statement about never having too much filtration. In the past I always oversized my filters, even Sponge-Filters in my breeder tanks were oversized. In my 20 gallon growouts I used Supreme Aquamasters, these move 400 GPH without the media. I just put diffusers on the outlets to spread the flow out or ran them down pieces of PVC pipe with holes drilled in it.

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